My New year's eve traditions

My New Year’s Eve traditions

Guys, can you believe it? It is the last day of the year and I want to share my New Year’s Eve traditions. In the Netherlands, we have some different traditions and I wanted to share it with you.

Relaxing day

To be honest. I like Christmas, but the last day of the year is my favourite day of the year. It is that day of the year that we just do whatever we want to. When I was younger we would rent (yes, that was a thing back then) some movies to watch and our parents would cook and make food for the rest of the day. But now I am older and I am spending time with my family the whole day. It is a very relaxing day most of the time. Everyone is doing their own thing.

One of the traditions is listening to Qmusic radio station to the Top 500 of guilty pleasures. I love guilty pleasures songs a lot. Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, ABBA, songs from the movie Grease and more. So when I wake up, I turn on the radio.

Food traditions

My New year's eve traditions
Another and biggest tradition is eating Oliebollen. No, there is no right translation for that word. I mean, oilballs does not sound very tasty. But some people are comparing it to doughnuts. But these are round as you can see. We always make our own and we add some currants. You can also add a little bit of apple. On the last day of the year, we don’t care what we actually eat. So this is a part of our breakfast.

my new years's eve tradition
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Gourmet is also another tradition. Best way to explain this is that we put small pieces of meat, meat replaces and veggies on a grill. This is our dinner and it is so good. If you don’t eat meat, we always buy these small meat replacers (LIDL) and it is so delicious.

Watching TV & Firework

Typical tv programmes are comedians talking about the year 2018. What went wrong this year and what was really funny? And around New Year you can watch the firework show in Rotterdam.

At 12 we go outside and wish everyone a happy new year and we watch the firework. I live in a small country of just 17 million people but spend for more than 70 million euros on firework. That is just in the Netherlands, a lot of people are going to Germany to buy firework. I don’t spend any money on that. I think it is beautiful, but it is just a waste of money. In our street, we have enough firework. Our neighbours always go to Germany to buy their firework and it is so loud (probably because it is illegal). It scares the shit out of my cat. So I mostly spend time inside with my cat. And around 1 or 2 PM everyone is going to a huge New Year’s Party across my street. I don’t go to the party anymore, because they are always fighting. I just go to bed around 2 PM and I wake up pretty early on New Year’s Day.

On New Year’s day, we just relax and eat leftovers. And we clean our whole house and we get rid of our Christmas tree.

These are my New year’s eve traditions. What are yours?

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