My never-ending bucket list
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My never-ending bucket list

A lot of people love to make bucketlists and so am I right now. This list is a little bit different than regular bucketlists. Normally people make a list and that is it. I also made a list, but I can always add something to this list and that is why I want it to call it My never-ending bucket list.

I also think this is a great way to step out of your comfort zone more often. Our comfort zone might feel safe, but the magic happens starts at the end of your comfort zone. 

The never-ending bucket list

Go to Disneyland Paris
Fly in a hot air balloon
Visit Stonehenge
Learn how to ice-skate
Try 10 new dishes
Improve my French
Meditate every day for a month
Get married
Rescue/adopt a pet
Be in two places at once
Capture lightning in a photo
Go on a road trip with a friend
Organise a picnic in the park
Go mountain biking
Volunteer for a full day
Clean up the beach
Attend ComicCon in the Netherlands
Halloween party
Eat pizza in Italy
Write a book
Harry Potter marathon
Watch the sunset on the beach
Go geocaching for a whole day
Go on a plane for the first time
Watch 100 movies from the IMDB top 250

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