My happy Hippie week 2

My Happy Hippie Week #2

I am back with My happy Hippie week. I accidentally skipped last week. Okay, it was my fault, because I forgot to take enough pictures. In My Happy Hippie Week 2, I show what I did last week.

My happy Hippie week 2


On Saturday I had a pretty lazy morning, but in the afternoon we watched the world cup together. My country, The Netherlands, won with 3-1 from Cameroon and they are now through to the last 16 countries. I can’t wait to see how far they can come. They still weren’t playing that great, they still need to improve a few things. Hope that they will.

Also, I was watching the world cup in the evening and I really had a mindfuck. The stream was great, but suddenly it stopped and I looked at the time and it was 90 minutes + 2:22. Seeing double numbers is really my thing. But a few moments later my stream was not working again and this time I saw this football player with number 22 on her shirt. (see photo above). So I had to google the meaning of 22/222. I found that the meaning of this was that I had to look for balance in my life. And this was so true because last week I was working non-stop. Definitely taking more breaks and time for myself.


On Sunday I was busy with my diamond painting. I will show you the result next week because I just finished and I really love the end result. It was a lot of work but it was definitely worth it.


Monday was a blogging day and I was in such a good flow. I did not want to stop working, but I decided at 4 pm that it was enough. I really have to take care of myself and sometimes I can forget that.


Tuesday was also a blogging day. Every day is a blogging day because I blog and comment on other blogs for a few hours a day. When I am not blogging, I am still thinking about future blog posts. That is apparently how my brain works right now.

My happy Hippie week 2


Wednesday was bloody hot. It was 30 degrees and that in combination with humidity isn’t great. So I decided to slow it down. Took a few more breaks and drink enough water.


On Thursday our national women football team had to play another world cup match. We were already through to the last sixteen countries, but we won the match against Canada too. And they played a lot better (still things to improve) this time. The next match is on Tuesday against Japan. Four years ago we lost 1/16 finals match against Japan, but hopefully, we can win this time. We certainly have a chance this year. 


On Friday I worked a lot for my blog but Friday is also the day when I clean and wash everything. Maybe it was kind of boring, but I felt really productive. Around 11:30 pm I was looking outside. It was such a beautiful evening and there were a lot of night-shining clouds, which looked so pretty.

My happy hippie week 2

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