My Happy Hippie Week #1

I decided to create something new on my blog. There are a lot of Youtubers who make a weekly vlog. I am going to do the same thing but with photos. 

My happy hippie week

It was my birthday on Saturday. When I was younger I always looked forward to this day and I always felt different when it was my birthday. Now I am older and birthdays just feels like normal days. But I had a good day though. I ate pizza and other unhealthy things. I got some birthday gifts and I just celebrated it with my family.

the wildflower hippie

On Sunday we had another day of birthday celebrations and I took a break by making a long walk. During my long walk, I made new friends as you can see, haha. I love ducks. And I also finished reading One Plus One by Jojo Moyes.

The Wildflower hippie

On Monday I had to go back to work after two days off. But I was really productive. It always feels so good to be productive. 
Tuesday was basically a copy of my Monday. Was very productive again and I love when I am in a productive flow. And it gave me also more ideas for new blog content. I also watched ‘New Amsterdam‘ on Tuesday. 

My happy hippie week

I forgot to keep a diary on Wednesday, so I have to skip that day. But I think I watched a movie (Every day) and wrote some new things for the blog. I took the day off on Thursday just like everyone else here. And I decided to start a new diamond painting project. This one is a tiger and I am already loving it. What do you think?
For dinner, we had a lot of leftovers, so it was pretty much like a Sunday on a Thursday.

On Friday I did a little bit of work for my blog/Instagram and cleaned the house. But I also took enough time for myself to enjoy this beautiful weather.


This weekend is going to be very hot (30+ degrees on Sunday), so I decided to do a 48-hour readathon. 

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