my Happiness Project

My Happiness Project

This week I found out that I still had ‘The Happiness Project’ book on my e-reader and I still haven’t read it. This book written by Gretchen Rubin is a selfhelp book about finding more happiness. Gretchen Rubin was not very unhappy with her life, but she knew she wanted to feel happier. And suddenly I realized that I really needed this book right now. A couple days ago I wanted to write about the things I wanted to change to be more happy and raise my vibration.

And I know that my Happiness project is completely different than hers, but everyone is different. My life is different and I like other things.

This is My Happiness project

There are four area’s in my life I want to work on right now: Raising my vibration, Self development, Work and Enviroment. The first week I will be focusing on raising my vibe and the next week (if it feels right) I will add work to my daily routine and so on.

Raise my vibration

Why raising my vibration is the most important one? Because if you raise you vibration, a lot of things will be so much easier to. If your raise your vibration, you will feel more energetic and happier. You are more in alignment and when you feel great, great things will happen.

Be thankful for what you already have. It makes you appreciate life more and if you focus on the good stuff, you will see more of that. It is like a magnet. I already have a gratitude journal, but I still forget to write in this journal. Going to set a time in the evening and morning to be grateful.

Okay, don’t expect that I am going to run a marathon immediately. I just start with walking outdoors. Long walks are also very good and they make you feel happier and more relaxed. I just want to be more active. I know already how good walks help when you are in a bad mood.

Meditation is great, because relaxed your busy mind. You can do it everywhere and anytime. You don’t need to meditate for an hour either, even five minutes is okay. I also want to visualize how I want my life to be. This will keep me focused and excited for today and the future.

Starting your day with affirmations is awesome. If you tell the same affirmations every single day to yourself, your brain will start believe it. And that is the point in your life that a lot can change and probably will. Even when you have no self-esteem or a bad relationship with money, you can change that with affirmations.


My Happiness Project


Work will give you money and with money you can rent/buy a house and eat food.  Ofcourse you want to have a job that you like and earn money with it. Everyone wants that and it is possible. I like to write and that is why I work a lot on this blog, instagram and writing stories/books.

Start doing
I am procrastinator. I think I am the best in procrastinate everything and I don’t like that. And still I do it a lot. That is why I want to start doing. If I have something to do (like always), I immediately have to do it. Otherwise I will never do it or a week later

Write an e-book/story on wattpad
Like I said: I love to write a lot. I can spend hours on writing something and I still have a couple ideas for e-books and stories on Wattpad.

Start working together with brands more
I already work together with brands, but I want to do it more often. Ofcourse I am very picky, because I turn 80%  of collabs with brands down. But I only want to share and write about this brand if I believe in it.

Post everyday on blog and Insta and interact with people.
By interacting I mostly mean on Instagram. It is one of my favorite platforms to interact. And posting everyday is possible if I don’t procrastinate everything. So this goes hand in hand with the first one.


My Happiness Project

Self development

I think self development is important. In the future I want to attend to workshops and other events that will help you with everything. Never stop growing.

Challenge yourself : overcome fears
I have anxiety, but it gets better every single day if I take care of myself and ofcourse high vibrations really helps with this. When I am in a bad mood I feel more anxious. But my anxiety and panic attacks has also stopped me from doing certain things: I don’t like going to stores. I do it, but very early in the morning, so I can avoid everyone and it is less crowded. But I want to challenge myself and stop anxiety controlling my life. I mean, what is the worst thing  that could happen in a store?

Read self help books (loa etc.)
Self help books are also great. This book ‘The Happiness project’ is also one. Self help books are also great if you want to raise you vibrations. I want to read books about work related stuff, money, law of attraction and more. Especially Law of Attraction books, because it is great to hear stories from others and it keeps you focused on the things you want.

Stop comparing yourself to others
I do this a lot, but mostly work related. I think it is good to have a role model, but jealousy is not good. My role models are blogging professionally for years and I am not. I am just a newbie with this. So I should not compare myself with them. Not good for my mood, work and my energy levels.

Spend less time on useless things
This means: no Netflix movies/series all night long. Ofcourse watching something on Netflix is not bad, but don’t spend hours bingewatching. Instead do something that will help to improve your life. Also note to myself: Watch more happy things.

My Happiness Project


Environment is also very important, but for me it isthe least important on this list. It is more a to do list for the future.

New house, new place
Find an appartment or house that feels right. Whether it is on the other side on the country or not. Don’t be afraid.

Spend time with( New) high vibe friends
Who you spend time with is the person you become. Did you know that you are the average of five people you spend the most time with? If you spend your time with negative people You will become one. That is why I want to spend more time on friends and other people who can raise my vibration.

Messy in your house = messy in your head. Clean everything up immediately.

More green (plants)
Plants makes me happy and that is why I want to buy plants (and keep them alive ofcourse).


So this is My Happiness Project and I am very excited working on this. I will definitely share some more posts about my project in the future, so I will keep you updated. You can also follow me on Instagram, I will post more updates in my stories or my posts.

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