My goals for may

my goals for may

Before I am telling my goals for May, I am talking about my goals for April and see how it went

My goals for April were

Exercise more
Yes, I think I exercised more if you compare it to the last couple of months. I work a lot on a computer, so I barely exercise during the day. But I found a way to exercise more: during breaks walking around, exercise while watching something on Youtube/Netflix. Exercising is not that bad when you can also watch Netflix at the same time.

Write a blog post every day
Did not reach this goal. I wrote a lot of blogs, but not every single day. But I have good news: I am writing a lot of blog posts at the moment, so I will always have a blog post. Even on the days when I am not in the mood for writing something.

Clean out my closet
Yes DONE!! I donated everything I did not wear this fall/winter season. And I don’t think I have to buy anything new, because I still have enough clothes. My closet is so accessible and spacious now.  I love it.

Goals for May

Write a blog post every day and get more views
Like I said before in this blog post, I am writing a lot of blog posts, so I will enough posts for this month to blog every single day. I am also focusing on attracting more people to my blog. Probably through social media platforms first.

10.000 steps a day
I already exercise more than normal, but I want to try to make 10.000 steps a day. At the end of the month, I will write a whole blog post about it with my personal results and experience and what I think about this challenge. I know this is going to be a challenge on some days, because sometimes I just don’t want to move/walk/exercise at all. Even though exercising gives you more energy.

Spend more time offline
When I am bored in the evening, I watch Netflix movies and other things. Most of them are useless. I want to read more, spend more time in nature (because the beautiful weather is coming back), maybe finding new geocaches and of course, I have a lot of birthdays/party’s this month including my own. I don’t want to be that person that is looking at her phone instead of interacting with real people.

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