Motion creates emotion

motion creates emotion

Motion creates emotion. That is one of the things that Tony Robbins says a lot. Last week I started to think about this. Is this true? Is it bullshit?

If you don’t know who Tony Robbins is, look him up on Youtube or watch his documentary on Netflix ‘I am not your Guru.’  I love listening to his speeches in the morning. A great way to start your day positive.

But almost in every speech I hear/see I see him talk about ‘motion creates emotion.’ What does this really mean? I found this on the website of Tony Robbin:

Bad physiology reinforces negative feelings. As Tony says, “Motion creates emotion.” Changing your physiology means changing your mental state and breaking your negative patterns. Great physiology, therefore, leads to great emotions, and that is one of the keys to getting unstuck.

The way you move (or not) creates your emotions. We are sitting a lot every single day. I recently found an article that said people in the Netherlands are sitting for 8-10 hours every single day. Which is a lot! But when you think about it, we sit a lot when we are at work. Unless you have an active job of course. At most of us work from 9 till 5 from Monday till Friday.
And I know that I feel less motivated, happy and energetic when I sit all day long. So I decided to test if I would feel different if I only changed the way I move my body. I make sure I sit up straight, I wanted to exercise more, taking more walks and just move my body. Because I was of them, the people who sit 8-10 hours a day. And it did not make me happy.

Feeling down?

So if you are feeling down and maybe sad. Change your psychology. Go for a run, stand up, get your body moving, sit up straight and smile. It is pretty hard to feel sad or other ‘negative’ emotions when you stand up straight and smile. This is because your brain does associate this posture with good emotions and when your shoulders are hunched forward and your head is hanging in a forward posture, you are likely to feel more negative emotions and even stress.


Try to sit up straight at work, walk more (during lunch breaks) and go outside for a work-out. Because working-out has also a lot of great benefits. Instead of watching tv, go outside for a long walk or a run.

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