Minimalist closet

minimalist closet

Way too much stuff

I think a year ago it was the moment that I thought that I had too much stuff. And my closet was full of clothes that I haven’t worn  in months. Ofcourse I can’t wear my summer clothes during the cold winter months, but I was not even wearing every sweater in my closet.
A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted to have a minimalist closet and I donated my clothes. One bag of clothes for a good cause. And I was already feeling better. My closet was less messy and I actually can find my clothes I want to wear that day in a few seconds. And I didn’t even throw everything away, because I was not sure about donating everything.

Still decluttering

But at the moment I still notice how I don’t wear everything. I love to wear my comfy sweaters and sometimes I wear something different, but mostly my two sweaters. I still have jeans in my closet that I didn’t touch since I cleaned out my closet. So as you can see, I still want to donate the other things I don’t wear, well the winter clothes that I don’t wear. I am not so sure about donating my summer clothes yet. I have no idea what I will wear in a couple of months. I am sure I don’t need a lot. Summer in the Netherlands is pretty short.

Replacing items

I also want to replace a couple of items for other items. I am missing good basic tops and good fitting jeans. Somehow my favorite jeans is too big for me right now and I think I am even ‘heavier’ than I was when I bought that jeans? And I think that it is okay when I replace some items with new ones. And they don’t have to be new new. If I find the perfect jeans for me in a secondhand store, I will buy it. I bought secondhand clothes before and it is way cheaper and it is also better for the environment.


One big benefit of a minimalist closet is that you don’t have to think what to wear that day. Mark Zuckerberg (from Facebook) is wearing the same outfit every single day. So he can’t waste any time on picking out clothes and I think that is so smart. When I was younger I was spending half an hour on picking clothes for that day, changed my outfit 3 times before I went out. That is ridiculus right? I mean, they are just clothes.

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3 Replies to “Minimalist closet”

  1. There have been so many signs in my life to donate my clothes recently, and again reading your post has pointed me in that direction again. My closet is soooo messy (and I’m generally quite a neat person, so it needs to happen). Good reminder! Thanks!

  2. Although I could never cut my closet to just basics. I own a fashion boutique and work work in the fashion industry. My closet is my business and portfolio. I do need to get rid of stuff that I have worn many times and it’s just not my style anymore. Thank goodness spring is on the way, it will be a perfect time to start. Thanks for sharing

  3. I have a very minimalist closet since I travel so much and we move countries frequently for work. I’m so ready to expand, though! The minimalist closet has been a huge blessing, but I’m ready to tap in to my inner Carrie Bradshaw. LOL

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