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Mijn Primark wishlist | Juli 2019

I know it is still summer and bloody hot outside, but I am already looking for new clothes for this fall. Stores are already selling a few new items for the next season and I am super excited to be honest. Besides the season spring, I also love the fall. Nature is so beautiful during the fall season. And the colors for fashion are definitely my colours. Because of my green eyes en brown hair, the best colours I can wear are the fall colours (warm and dark).

So I decided to make another Primark wishlist. Little sidenote: I use the Primark official website, but since I live in the Netherlands the prizes will be in Euro. And there is no guarentee that I or you will find this in every single store.

Primark wishlist

primark wishlist

1 = A warm cardigan for the colder fall & winter days. These cardigans are so cosy and I can’t wait to wear it to keep myself warm. €16

2 = I am hoping that they will have this shirt in a different colour since this salmon colour doesn’t always look great on me. But I love these kind of shirt with a knot. And it still gives me summer vibes, but I still can wear it in the fall. €13 

3 = Sometimes I still wear shorts in fall or even winter, but with tights to keep my legs warm of course. Also I was still looking for a new short for the summer. Still haven’t found it yet, but this one looks fine. It doesn’t look too short for me. And I love high waisted jeans. €13

primark wishlist

4 = Yes! I love this colour of this shirt. It is definitely giving me those fall vibes. But this one looked very long on the site, so I am kind of hoping that it isn’t too long for me. I am only 165cm and sometimes clothes (especially dresses) can be too long for me. €15

5= I need new shirts too since I had to threw a few away. This is a croptop, which I love. I can still wear it with a high waisted shirt so I won’t be too cold in the winter. And I just realized that I don’t anything in this Kaki colour yet.  €4

6 = This morning, I told you in my blog post that I was going to change a few things. One of the things is that I am going to exercise a little bit more. I already have one sportbra, but I need another one if I want to wash the other. So this one is just for pratical reasons. And this sportsbra looks pretty comfortable.  €6


primark wishlist

7 = I also decided to put some accessories to my wishlist. First one is a cute headband. I’ve never really worn something like this, but it always looks really cute on other women. So I am going to give it a try. And I love the colour combination of this headband too €3

8 = You can’t have enoug scrunchies and I don’t even own one yet. I remember that I had these when I was younger. So I love they came back as a trend. I also decided to pick these fall colours, so I can match them with my clothes. Most of my clothes are pretty dark. €3 per 3

9 = Some people love necklaces, other people love earrings, but I mostly wear rings. Primark always has a cute selection of beautiful rings in silver, gold or rosé. I prefer to wear silver or rosé. Rings always makes my outfit complete, but somehow it also makes me feel more sexy and confident. €4


10 = I am on a journey to waste less plastic things and I am looking for the right water bottle. This one is pretty cheap (€4,50), so I really have to think about this one and see if it won’t break too fast. But I also have a plan B, because I also love these water bottles from Dopper. And you can even design your own water bottle, which is pretty cool. 

11 = I love cute mugs. I feel like adding one new one to my small collection. I love cats and I love Disney, so this is the right mug for me. €7

12 = I need a new cable for my phone charger as a back-up and this one looks pretty good. They also have with other themes, but of course I chose this one with Hermione from Harry Potter. Normally I would buy one from a cheap store called Action, but I think this won’t break too easily. Because my last one seriously broke within a month! €6

What is on your Primark wishlist? Do you like to shop at the Primark?

my primark wishlist july 2019

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