My goals for march
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Mijn doelen voor maart 2019

Can you believe it? It is already March. Time flies when you are having I guess. Today I will be sharing my goals for March. Setting goals/intentions are great and it really helps me to focus and to improve certain areas of my life.

Spend even more time offline

I am spending more and more hours offline already and I took a break from Instagram. That basically happened after I wrote a blog post about my social media addiction. I am reading more and more books too. I think I’ve already read 2 books this week. And I also feel a lot more relaxed too. But I am still spending a lot of time scrolling.

The weather was amazing in the last couple of days, but today it is a lot colder. And I am afraid that I was just spending more time outside and offline because of this weather.

Create a routine

I don’t have a routine at all. Not in the morning, not in the afternoon or in the evening. I just do what I want to do. But I think I would like to create a routine this month and see what happens. A lot of people benefit from having a routine and I would like to find out if I am one of them. Will it help to be more productive? That is the biggest reason why I am trying this. I am really the queen of procrastination. And I really hate that. Because on the days that I am very productive, I feel so much happier.

But I also think I will also plan a few hours every single day to do the heck I want. Because I really need that too. Otherwise, I would get bored too and I don’t want to get stuck in a rut.

And it is also easier for you too. Because right now I don’t have a great blog schedule. I really want to post every day at 8 AM (U.K. time), but I don’t. So helpfully creating a routine will solve this problem too.

Create more content

Creating content is what I love to do. Whether it is creating content for my blog or for my stories on Wattpad. I just love it and want to create more things. I almost write a blog post every single day, but I have so much inspiration that I have to upload at least once a day and maybe even twice.

I am not sure yet how often I would like to upload on my Wattpad, but I think at least once or twice a day. Maybe I should create a schedule for that too. So the readers of my stories know when they can expect a new chapter from me.

I am also going to create more content for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and of course Pinterest. Especially Pinterest is a great way to increase your blog views if you do it right. And I am currently making more pins, just to see what works and what does not. And of course, if you create more content, more people will find you. That is why Gary Vee always talks about that you should create more content for each platform you are on.

Next month (in April) I will look back to see if I reached my goals and if creating a routine really helped me to be more productive and if I really created more content this month.  And let me know in the comments what your goals are for this month.

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