My goals for August 2019

Doelen voor Augustus 2019

How is it already August? Before you know it, it is september and we have start shopping for Halloween and then it is Christmas and New Years Eve. As you probably know, I always set and share my goals and this time it is not different. Today I am sharing my goals for August 2019. Normally I would have a theme for the month, for example I would focus on my mental health (just like last month). This month I have all different kind of goals.

My Goals for August 2019

Read five books

Last month I’ve read three books, which is decent. But recently I decided to stop using any screens after 7PM and that means I have a lot of time to read before going to bed. So I definitely think reading five books this month is possible. The weather is different. It is a lot cooler (around 20 degrees instead of 40) and it is raining every now and then. Perfect weather to read. I love to read when it is raining.

Books I want to read this month:
– Susan Wiggs – Return to Willow Lake
– Jill Mansell – Open House

These two books are definitely on my reading list this month. Not sure yet what other three books I am going to read this month. It all depends on my mood.

Improve my DA score

A lot of brands are looking at your DA score and the higher your DA score is, the more traffic you can expect. I am stepping up my blogging game this month and write more content, improve older content and Improve the SEO of my website.

So right now, my DA score is 14 and I can’t wait to see what it will be in a month. Because I know it is possible to improve my DA score at this point. When your DA score is higher, it will be more difficult to raise your DA score.

Social media goals

Currently I have 122 likes on my Facebook page for my blog. And I would like to grow that this month to 150 at least. For my Twitter I didn’t set any goals yet. But do I have a goal for my Instagram page. Currently I am stuck at 25.4K. I know that is a lot of followers, but I have been stuck at this number for ages now. (at least one or two months.). I would be so grateful if I can get to 25.5K at least.

Friday night is movie night

here are a few movies on my to do list this month! I recently started my weekly movie night on Friday and I already love it. Sometimes I go to the cinema (with my friends) and sometimes I stay at home watching Netflix.

These movies I would like to see in August:
– Once upon a time in Hollywood
– Poms
– Otherhood (Netflix)

If you have any recommendations for this month, let me know. Older movies or new ones, I don’t care.


What are your goals for this month?

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