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Doelen voor April 2019

Last month, I started to share my goals for March with you. And I have to admit something, well maybe two things. First, my goals weren’t very specific. I just realized that a few minutes ago. So I made my goals for April 2019 SMART ( more specific and measurable).

My goals for March were:
– Spend more time offline
– Create a routine
– Create more content.

I started to share more Instagram posts. I post every morning and evening now. But my goals were a little vague. How much time do I want to spend offline and how much content do I want to make? But it is good that I realize now before I share my goals for this month with you. 

The second reason why March wasn’t the greatest month for me: there were a lot of things going on. My granddad passed away and my aunt got a stroke. 

My goals for April 2019


Post a blog post every single day.
This month I still want to create more content. But I am making this goal more specific. I want to post a blog every single day. Good thing is that I’ve watched a lot of movies in the last couple of days. I will share those reviews with you soon.
I also decided to write longer captions (= adding more value) on Instagram. I know that a lot of you might think that Instagram is just for posting photos, but I want to share (inspirational) stories with you. If you don’t follow me, go follow me here now on Instagram. 

Read 4 books
A book per week is easy for me. This also means that I will spend more time offline. Every night I will read a book instead of watching tv, Youtube or Netflix. Which is also good for my sleep I think. 

10.000 Steps a day
I’ve read so many articles that walking 10.000+ steps a day is really good for your health. And last week I also heard that we are sitting way too much. Here in the Netherlands, we sit for 10 hours a day. But sitting down so much is not really great for your health either. So I am challenging myself with 10.000 steps a day challenge for a month at least.

In April we also celebrate Easter, which means we are eating a lot of food this month and just a few days later we are celebrating our king’s birthday (Kingsday). April is always giving me good vibes. Warmer days are coming, more sunshine (hopefully), more holidays and nature is so beautiful.

What are your goals for this month?

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My goals for 2019

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