I've got your number

Mag ik je nummer even- Sophie Kinsella

Title: I’ve got your number
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
Pages: 480
Genre: Romance
Date: April 2013
My rating: 3.5/5

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About I’ve got your number

It is a nightmare! Poppy was at a party in a hotel and she lost her engagement ring. This ring is worth 25.000 pound and she has no idea where it is. And she can’t tell her fiancé and his family because it was a family heirloom. 

And her day gets even worse because someone steels her phone too. And she needs a number in case the hotel finds her ring and she has a wedding to plan. She is getting married in 10 days. But then she finds a phone in a trash bin and she finds out it works perfectly. But she doesn’t know that this phone is property of Sam Roxton. But she doesn’t want to give it back. And they start texting and calling. And that is how their friendship begins.

But gets really complicated when Poppy starts to read his emails and she realized how he never answers his email propely. And what is this thing between Sam and Willow? Are they engaged?

I've got your number


Sophie Kinsella’s books are very popular especially her shopaholics series. But she also wrote a few stand-alones and this one of them. Is sophie Kinsella my favourite writer, no. But I like a few books by her. 

I’ve your number is definitely a book I enjoyed. At some points it was really funny. But Poppy isn’t a lucky person. First, you lost her engagement ring and then someone steals her phone too. She finds a phone in a trash bin and decided to keep it. I get why she decided to keep it. The hotel probably wants to call her and she also has to communicate with her weddingplanner. 

I immediately didn’t like Magnus and his family. Magnus definitely loves himself and I wasn’t sure what the deal with his family was. The family didn’t want Magnus to marry Poppy. But is Poppy the biggest reason?

Poppy finds out that the phone belongs to Sam who is a business man. And his assistent threw the phone away and of course he wants it back. But somehow he trusts Poppy and decides that she can loan for a while until she finds the ring. So basically they are sharing a phone. Poppy has full access to the inbox of Sam and she thinks she knows how he really is. But later she finally realizes that those emails are just a small part of his life. But they both (Sam and Poppy) learn a lot from each other. 

What’s your favourite book by Sophie Kinsella?

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