Lush Christmas wishlist

Lush Christmas wishlist

It is (almost) the most wonderful time of the year. And of course I celebrate Christmas too, but not with gifts. But that doesn’t mean I can’t buy something for myself. This is my Lush Christmas wishlist for 2018

Lush Christmas wishlist

Lush christmas wishlist

The World’s smallest disco –  I mean this looks so cool and I always pick bright coloured bath bombs but will make your water dark/black with a lot of glitters. Perfect for the holidays. Bath bombs with glitters is always a good idea, unless you have a business meeting after your bath. You are probably covered in glitters, but that is perfect for new years eve.

lush christmas wishlist

Christingle Naked body conditioner – I love freshly scented products. It reminds me of summer. But it is almost winter now and my body can use some conditioner. The air is pretty dry and I notice it. I have dry lips and also a dry skin. There is Shea Butter in it, which is also my favourite kind of butter in beauty products.

lush christmas wishlist

Snow Fairy – I have a confession to make. I’ve never tried the popular snow fairy products and I know everyone loves them. But I just never tried them. I found this beautiful bath bomb. Bath bombs are my favourite. I even don’t know what it smells like. I am expecting a very sweet bubblegum scent.

lush christmas wishlist

Sugar Plum Fairy – Like I said earlier, my lips are a little bit dry because of the colder weather and dry air. It even looks delicious. And I read a review of people saying it even tastes good. It scrubs your lips, moisturize, and it is refreshing.

lush christmas wishlist

Iceshoggles – This sounds promising. It has a relaxing earthy aroma with ylang-ylang oil. I love earthy scented things. I grew up playing in the dirt. We grow our own food and spending outside in nature makes me always feel so relaxed. I hope this soap does the same thing. Then it would be perfect to wash your body with this soap before you go to bed and fall asleep immediately. That is what I am expecting.

What is on your Lush Christmas wishlist?

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