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In a city where it is really hard to buy a house for yourself.  The desire to own a piece of land in Mumbai isn’t a routine logistical hassle of adult life, it’s a hugely-coveted reward the city-dwellers slog their entire lives working for and yet fall short in attaining.

The city might give its countless inhabitants a roof to sleep under but it doesn’t give the promise of that roof staying intact – as many Mumbaikars living in dilapidated buildings would testify.

Sanjay Chaturvedi (Vicky Kaushal) is one working-hard person who’s spent his life in railway quarters, because of his dads government job. As the Dad prepares for retirement, he aspires to escape his reality and fantasizes about a house of his own – a dream shared by his Catholic colleague, Karina D’souza (Angira Dhar), is still living with her mom, but she is dreaming about getting her own place.

Sanjay and Karina meet each other on a party and soon they are talking about getting their own place. They find a advertisement in the newspaper for a new project. They want to build a lot of new houses, but only for couples. Sanjay and Karina are making a deal: they are going to share this house, so they have both a place for themselfs. But they have to marry each other soon and they are still both in a  relationship with someone else.


This was actually my first Hindi movie I have ever seen. Sanjay has a very interesting relationship with his boss, well a strange relationship. Every time when they were together I was wondering what I was watching, it was so strange. I also didn’t like the boss. Everything had to go her way. She could not stand that Sanjay was going to marry someone else, even when she was in a relationship. You can feel the chemistry between the two main characters. I don’t know other bollywood actors, but I thought they were perfect for their roles.
The beginning was funny though, but later on everything was just so hectic. There was a lot of thing going one. So that is absolutely my negative point for this movie.
Better than Hollywood movies? I don’t know if I should compare these movies, but since it was my first Hindi movie, why not? Well, I just think that this was not the best movie I’ve ever seen, far from it. Worst? No! I’ve seen worse movies from Hollywood. So maybe I should watch another movie from India later. If you have recommendations, let me know in the comments.

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