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Title: Lion
Actors: Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara
Director: Garth Davis
Writer: Saroo Brierly, Luke Davies
Date: November 2016
Length: 118 minutes

About Lion

Saroo is only five years old when he wants to help his brother to earn extra money in the middle of the night.  His brothers says he has to wait for him at the train station. Saroo falls asleep, but a few hours later he wakes up and he can’t find his brother. He finds a train that is empty and finds a more comfortable place to sleep. But when the train deports when he is asleep. Days later he is in Bangkok and people are trying to find his mother but without any luck. He gets adopted very soon by an Australian couple and he moves to Australian. But when he is older and a student he wants to know where he is from. With the help of google maps, he is trying to find the train station where he saw his brother for the last time.



Sad, tears, beautiful. That pretty sums up this whole movie. A friend of mine warned me that this was a sad movie and she was absolutely right. He was so little and young when he was all alone without his mother and brothers and sisters. It was so sad to see.
I also loved the young actor who played the five-year-old Saroo. He was so freaking cute and adorable. He played his role very well. And damn I cried so hard about this little boy.
This movie is even sadder when you realize that this was based on a true story of Saroo. And he is not the only kid who lost their parents. So I also think it is great that they made a movie about this for (hopefully) more awareness.

Dev Patel also did a great job as the older/student Saroo. And after watching the movie I also realized that he was the boy from Slumdog Millionaire, which was a huge hit a couple of years ago. Another good detail about this movie: they gave two Australians the part of the parents, not two Americans with a weird Australian accent. That was a huge plus!

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