Let go and receive love and abundance

Let go and receive love and abundance

What is the thing you really want to manifest? Maybe it is a relationship, money or a new job. But sometimes we are just not manifesting those things we want. One of the reasons could be that you really want it, you really need it. But in order to receive the things we want, we have to let go. I am not talking about letting go of your goals and dreams. I am talking about you have to let go and receive love and abundance.

Letting go means you are detached from the outcome. You release all emotional attachments, negative thoughts and tension in your body.

And maybe you need money to pay your rent, so you asked for extra income. But with the Law of Attraction, you don’t have to know how it is coming to you. The universe will do that for you. You only have to ask, believe and receive. You don’t need to know how it will manifest in your life.
But for most people, it can be hard to believe or to let go. You are constantly thinking: I want to manifest 1000 dollar/euro/pond in a couple of days. (be specific of course.) But after an hour you are checking your email or your bank account and you still haven’t received the money. And you start to think about it more and more. And maybe you start to think that it does not work because the money isn’t there yet.

Spread your wings

Once I’ve heard this comparison. Think about a bird and how they fly. Exactly, they let go and spread the wings and then they receive the gift of flying. When they have their wings in tight, they will fall down. But it is the exact same thing we are doing when we don’t let go. We are holding it so tight and we are not spreading our wings (receiving).

Too many manifesters are trying too hard with their conscious mind. But we are not manifesting through our conscious minds. Of course, you can put more positive thoughts into your conscious mind to feel better. But when you are trying too hard, you are not opening up and allowing to receive the good things. Also, when you are trying too hard you are aware that it is not there yet. Which means you are focused on the lack of it. Manifest like you order your clothes. You don’t order 10 ten times the exact same shoes. No, you just order it once and you know you will receive it soon.

Of course, you can still do you manifesting rituals like scripting and visualizing. But only do it, because it feels good to you. Don’t push it.

Are you ready to let go and receive abundance?


Let go and receive love and abundance

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