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Netflix is releasing a lot of movies and series and this time I watched ‘The kissing booth.’ Lee and Ellen are best friends. Their moms were also best friends before they were born. They have a couple of rules including that it is not allowed to date family members of your best friend. But Elle has a crush on Noah, even though he is a player and he loves to fight. During a fundraiser event, Elle works at a kissing booth and kisses Noah and everything changes. But how are they going to tell Lee that they are dating?



First reaction: Wait? Is that girl not Selena Gomez her little sister in the movie ‘Ramona and Beezus’?¬† And yes she was that girl. She grew up! You get a lot of info about Lee and Elle about the time that they grow up. And also a bit of background information about Noah, who loves a good fight. And I can tell you: he fights a lot in this movie.
So they are both 16 now and they still have a lot of rules (they made these when they were 6 years old) and that includes the one that says you can not date family members of your best friend. But of course, Elle falls in love with Noah. Cool background information: they are dating in real life apparently. And you can really see that because there is a lot of chemistry between the two.
One thing that really annoyed me was that there was a lot of drama (I mean: A LOT!!) when Lee finds out that she is dating his brother. And suddenly it is Elle and Noah’s problem and then they start to fight. And they have to say sorry to everyone. Like, come on: you can’t choose the one you fall in love with and don’t be so dramatic.
But overall it was a funny, cliché and interesting movie. Apparently, it is based on a Wattpad story, so that is pretty cool.


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