Kingsday in the Netherlands


Here in the Netherlands, we have a special tradition called; Kingsday. And it is actually Kingsday today and while I am celebrating this day, you can read everything about kings day in the Netherlands today, here in this blog post.

It started all in 1890 with Queen Wilhemina, to celebrate her birthday.  Later in 1948 Juliana became king and she was born on April 30th, so that became the new queens day. And even though her daughter Beatrix was not born on that same day, when Beatrix became queen we would celebrate her birthday on April 30th. The main reason was probably that her real birthday was in January and it was too cold to celebrate and do things outside. But after more than 100 years of queens days, things changed. In 2013 Willem-Alexander became king and he changed the date from April 30th to April 27th (his birthday). And of course, the name changed from queens day to kings day.

The royal family
On Kingsday the royal family goes to a city in the Netherlands. This year it is my own city: Groningen.  The royal family walks through the city to meet the people and talk to them. There are also a lot of games that everyone can play and very often the royal family plays these games too, like hockey, basketball or something else. There is music, dance and other cultural performances that represent the city.

Music and kings night
Music plays a big part during the day. Kingsday is pretty much the day that everyone is outside and goes to a music festival. There are free festivals and there are festivals which you have to pay for. But the party started the night before kings day actually, called kings night. Everyone is coming together and everyone is having so much fun. And everyone is dressed in our national colour: orange. So if you are going to the Netherlands to celebrate this day, don’t forget your orange dress or your orange shirt. And the crazier, the better.
And the line-up is pretty good if you are into DJ’s, because here in the city: Armin van Buuren, lost frequencies, Nicky Romero, Lucas anSteveve and many more are playing.

Selling stuff
It is also a good day to earn some money. Mostly children are selling their old stuff, that they don’t use anymore’ to other people. Do you want to get rid of your old clothes or books? Just find a place to sell your stuff. I’ve never done this myself, but I like to see what other people are selling.

Overall it is just a super fun day with a lot of food and music.

What do you think about Kingsday? Is it a nice tradition or not?

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