You don't have to wake up early to be successful
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je hoeft niet vroeg op te staan om succesvol te zijn

The last couple of months I’ve been seeing a lot of Youtube videos and blog posts saying that you will be successful when you wake up at 5 AM every single day. But is it really true that you have to wake up so early if you want to be successful? I say NO! You don’t have to wake up early to be successful.

Getting enough sleep

In those videos and blog posts, people are using names of famous successful people who wake up very early today. But first: they don’t tell you when they go to bed and you can get really brainwashed by all of those videos. I was like: do I really have to wake up that early if I want to be successful? And I even tried it for a couple of days. But guess what? I am not really an early morning person. Not before 7 at least.

And do you really want to be successful? You need to get enough sleep every single day. Sleep is very important….. for everyone. Not everyone will survive a whole day after just 5 hours of sleep because you really had to get up early.  Most of us need around 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Of course, you can wake up 5 AM if you want to or maybe have to, but go to bed earlier! Get enough sleep. You don’t want to wake up feeling tired. It will make you less productive, focused and maybe even more grumpy than normal. And successful people are focused and productive most of the time.

Take action

But the biggest reason why you don’t have to wake up early to be successful is that it is about what you do all day long. You can still wake up at 5 AM every morning after just 5 hours of sleep, but when you do nothing all day long, you will never be successful. Of course, you have to take action too. If you watch 3 hours of Netflix in the morning after you wake up it is maybe better to use those hours to get some extra sleep. I even believe that you can be successful without working 15 hours a day. A while ago I heard someone talking on the radio about the fact that we are not very productive at work.

If you really want to be successful, let me tell you a secret. It is mostly about your mindset and your actions. Use the Law of Attraction to keep focused on your goals and eliminate your limiting believes. But you still have to take action! Don’t expect that the Law of Attraction will give you everything you want, while you are sitting on the couch watching Netflix. That is not how it works. Use the Law of Attraction to attract the right opportunities and then take massive action.

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