J.K. Rowling reveals Harry Potter secret about Nagini

J.K. Rowling reveals Harry Potter secret about Nagini

I am a big Harry Potter nerd. I dream about being at Hogwarts and I love the books and movies. Last night J.K. Rowling revealed a huge secret she has been hiding for the last 20 years! Say what? Yes, she wrote this on Twitter last night and I am kind of in shock.

J.K. Rowling reveals Harry Potter secret about Nagini

We all know that the new trailer for The Fantastic beasts just released and she decided to give a little bit more information about an older character. I am talking about Nagini, the snake of He who must not be named (Yup, Voldemort). Nagini is one of the Dark Lord’s Horcruxes, is actually a Maledictus.

J.K. Rowling told a Maledictus is a female individual that carries a blood curse from birth which causes them to turn into a beast. Which means: Nagini is/was a real person. Holy Hufflepuff.
Some of the fans were already speculating about which character Claudia Kim would play in the new movie and the trailer gave them/us the answer: Nagini.

I think it is kind of cool. You always thought Nagini was just a snake (and Dark Lord’s Horcruxes) and now she is actually a person. Yes, I like plot twists like that. And look how gorgeous she is in person.

Can’t wait to watch the new movie of Fantastic Beasts. Are you excited? In case you have missed the new trailer of Fantastic Beasts: the crimes of Grindlewald, here is the trailer:

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  1. De trailer ziet er alweer geweldig uit. Zó ongelooflijk veel zin in!!

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