Does an Instagram pod really increase your engagement?

does an instagram pod really increase your engagement?

At the moment I am testing several things for Instagram at the moment to increase your reach and engagement. And this time I decided to find an Instagram pod to join, because does an Instagram pod really increase your engagement?

First of all, looking for the right Instagram pod was a challenge. Apparently, there are different kinds of Instagram pods:

  • Only like pods
  • Like and comment pods
  • Niché related pods

Finally, I found one, well actually two. One is a pod on the app Telegram and the other is on FB. I prefer the Telegram group for several reasons.

About the FB pod

There are a lot of rules in this certain Facebook pod.

  • Like and/or comment within 24 hours
  • You have to follow the group leaders
  • If you are in comment pod, a comment must be 4 characters long (emoji not included)
  • Say when you are done

Well, in the beginning, I thought it was cool to have an FB pod. You can decide to join the thread that day or not. If you do, you have to like (and comment) within 24 hours. But later I started to see how awful this group was. Most of all a pod is to increase your engagement, but you also HAD to follow the group leaders. And in this case, they were mom-Instagrammers. Not what I would like to see in my feed.

About the Telegram pod

This pod is a lot better. We also talk and it is actually not too busy at all. Easy to keep up with. You still have to like and comment within 24 hours, but since we are in the same niché (lifestyle) it is not so bad as it sounds. I think there are about 10 new photos a day. In the Fb group you had to like >50 photos and in the comments/like thread there were >20 photos a day. That was a lot of more work.

So does an Instagram pod really increase your engagement?

Yes and no. Sounds weird huh? But let me explain.
Yes, you get more likes/comments because you are in a pod and they have to like your picture. Because if they don’t, they are out. Nobody can skip your photo.
But to be honest, when I was thinking about an Instagram pod, I thought this would massively increase your engagement. And that is absolutely not the case. Everyone has 24 hours. And the only way to massively increase your engagement is when people engage in the first minutes after you posted the Instagram post. When they do that, Instagram will think that your picture is really great and will it show to more people, your photo will be on the popular page and they can find you through the explore page.

In conclusion, I can say that Instagram pods really work when they engage immediately. And you only should join a pod because you like the people and you are okay with the rules.  But don’t forget to have fun and don’t focus too much on your engagement/followers. If you are not enjoying your pod anymore, just leave it.

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