Ibiza Review | Netflix original movie


Title: Ibiza
Actors: Gillian Jacobs, Michaela Watkins, Phoebe Robinson, Vanessa Bayer, Richard Madden
Director: Alex Richanbach
Writer: Lauryn Kahn

About Ibiza

Parker is going on a work-holiday to Barcelona in Spain. Her friends want to go with her, but she does not want that. She says she has to work a lot. Eventually, her friends win and they go together on the plane to Spain. They are invited to come to a party. Parker meets the famous DJ Leo West and they immediately fall in love with each other. When her friends tell her that he is playing the next day in Ibiza, they take the plane to Ibiza. But Parker almost forgets that she also has to work and has a meeting the next day in the morning.


Well, do you remember my review of the Netflix Original ‘Dude’?  I think Netflix really like making bad movies that involve partying and drugs. Please, make more quality movies if you read this. There was no good storyline, well I actually was missing the storyline? What was it? It is basically a woman goes on a holiday/work-holiday with her friends, but is partying all night long, drinking alcohol and taking drugs. I was hoping for more depth, but no. It was also very awkward to watch. Parker her boss curse a lot and is so weird. The scene with the blacklight in their hotel room had absolutely no point because they didn’t change the hotel(room).
The acting was all right, not bad but also not the best. Maybe that had something to do with the movie itself. But I should have known better because the trailer does not look promising. And maybe this was meant to be as a funny movie, well in that case: I didn’t laugh once

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