How to deal with hate comments

how to deal with hate comments

Social media and having an own blog can be great. Getting nice comments and messages from other people can be couraging. But it is also very easy to leave hate comments these days, even anonymously. So I wanted to write about how to deal with hate comments.

The first thing you will need to know and have to accept is that not everyone will like you. Especially when your social media account or blog is big, the chance that someone does not like you is big. Not saying that it is okay to leave any hate comments, but just know that not everyone will like you.

When you receive a hate comment, it is tempting to send a comment back. DON’T DO THAT!! Focus on positive ones. Focus on the positivity. You can always delete the hate.

It is not your fault

And you have to understand that it is not you. Understand that these haters are probably going through something. Whether it is their home situation or when they are just insecure.
When you receive bad comments about your looks, it is probably a reflection of how they view themselves. So when they say you are ugly, they are insecure about how they look like. But they try to bully you, so you will feel bad and they will feel better about themselves.
Because when you are truly in alignment with who you truly are, you don’t spread hate comments. You don’t feel hate, but love.

If a hate comment is really bad, I think you should delete it. Don’t comment back because that will make it worse. Just comment on the nice comments you get.

For the haters

I also decided to write a part for the people who write those hate comments. I understand that you can not like everyone. I don’t like everyone either. However, you can dislike someone/something without leaving a hate comment. Is it really necessary? Of course, it isn’t. It is a waste of your time and your comment/messages will probably be deleted. Use your time right. Just watch your favourite Youtubers and leave the ones you don’t like alone. Even when they did something really bad. You are just making them more famous anyway.¬†And how would you feel if you someone would leave hate comments on your account?

And are you really hating on someone else because you feel bad about yourself? Focus on yourself first. Try to feel better (about yourself). And you will accept that everyone is different. You don’t have to like it, but you can accept it.
The person behind that account/blog is also just a person, like you. Never forget that

Do you have more tips on how to deal with hate comments?

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