How to survive the winter | 7 Tips

How to survive the winter

It’s cold, snowy, cloudy outside! Yup, it is that time of the year again: winter. You love it or you hate it. I prefer spring and summer, I love sitting outside in sun. But we have to make the best out of the winter. So here are some tips for how to survive the winter.

Take vitamin D

When you live a country/city where the sun doesn’t shine a lot during the winter, it is sensible to take supplements daily. Normally in the summer your body makes this vitamin, using the sun. But when it is cloudy, you body will make less vitamin D. I currently use Vitamin D3 from Holland & Barrett. This is one vegan friendly, but you can use any brand you want ofcourse.

Go outside

I know, I know. It is cold, but everytime I go outside I feel so much better. Go for a walk outside during the day. When it is really cold you can always warm up with a hot chocolate or cup of tea. And you know what? A hot drink tastes so much better when you are cold!


You can combine this with the one above. Go for a run, go on your bike to your work (if possible and safe). It is proven that we exercise less in winter, that will lead to stagnation of our blood circulation. Bonus:  If you exercise you blood circulation is flowing and you feel warmer. So when you feel cold and nothing seems to help, exercise first!

Eat healthy and fresh

Ofcourse you want to eat more carbs like pizza and unhealthier things in winter, but it is better to eat your greens everyday. Start with a smoothie(bowl) every morning, eat an apple as a snack and add more green to your dinner.


How to feel happier and be more grateful, even in the darker times (literally)? Buy a (gratitude) journal and write down the things you are grateful for and you will instantly feel better.


Try meditation if you are feeling grumpy and negative. It will help you to see the world more positively. Meditation will calm your mind and see everything more clear and you will feel better. There tons of meditations videos on Youtube, guided and not guided.

Make plans

Make plans so you have something to look forward too. Go to the cinema with your friends, go shopping for summer clothes, go to the museum!

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