How to manifast anything and fast

How to manifest anything and fast

A while ago I wrote about the basics of the law of attraction here. Because it is true that you can manifest anything if you really want to. But do you also know that you manifest things fast? We people think we can manifest a cup of coffee in 24 hours, but we don’t think we can manifest anything big in one day. Time does not matter in the universe. I show you how to manifest anything and fast with these tips.

1. Feelings

One of the most important things to manifesting is how you feel. For example, if you want to manifest something big, like a car. So you say: ‘I want to manifest a new car.’  and you say what kind of car you want. For the rest of the day, you say to yourself: ‘I believe I have this new car.’ But deep down you’re are not feeling it. So we say this, but you are feeling something else.

How you feel is so important, because everything in this universe is made up of vibrations. You are made out of vibrations and so does money, a car, your cat or dog. And if you feel better and happier, you will raise your vibrations. And when you are in alignment with the universe, you will attract beautiful things (materialistic or non-materialistic)

2. Don’t think about it too much

Don’t focus too much on the end goal, especially when it doesn’t make you feel good. Also when you think about it too much, because you really (really) want it, you are also thinking it that you don’t have it. When that happens, just do happy things. Go for a walk, watch a funny movie. Don’t overthink! Just say what you want, put it on your vision board and let it go.

3. Be grateful

Being grateful is so important. You can’t be sad and grateful at the same time. So make a gratitude list in the morning, so when you wake up if feel all those positive emotions. Which will make your day probably better. And make a gratitude list in the evening for all of the things that happened that day. Which put you in a great mood before you go to bed. You don’t want to be sad or angry when you want to sleep.

When you are grateful for those little things, you will see more of those things. And you will also attract more things to be grateful for.

Have you ever manifested something in 24 hours or less? What was it?

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