How to increase your engagement on Instagram

How to increase your engagement on Instagram

I started my Instagram account two or three years ago and during those years I got more than 20K followers and it is still growing every day. A couple of months my engagement was around 2%, which is pretty low. But today my engagement is almost 5%. In this blog post, I will tell my secrets how I improved my engagement.

1.Post every single day

This is pretty obvious. When I post a new Instagram photo, I instantly get new followers who are interested in my account. I also post around the same time every day, so people will know when I will post a new photo.

2. Hashtags

Of course, I will not forget about hashtags. I always use them and I use around 25-30 hashtags per post and I post them in the comment section. I personally think it looks better when I post them as a comment instead of in my caption. Use relevant hashtags, don’t use #bookstagram when you post a selfie. Mix it up every time.
A great way to find new hashtags you can use: go to your favourite hashtag, mine is #bookstagram. And at the top, you can find related hashtags! Use them too! Use bigger hashtags with 1 million photos and also use smaller hashtags with 10K photos.

3.  Block spam/fake accounts

Spam and fake accounts are not working in your favour. Yes, you get an extra follower. But they will never engage with you. They will never like your post or leave a comment. So when you block all of them, you will get a higher engagement.

4. Interact with other Instagrammers

Like and comment on the posts in your timeline, but also engage with people you are not following. You don’t have to follow everyone. If you see a cool picture, just like and/or comment. Maybe they will check your account too and start following or liking your photos. Don’t spam though! Instagram is watching you and they will block you when you like/comment too fast.

5. Ask a question in your caption

Always ask a question in your caption. People will comment faster when you ask them something. You can ask something very simple like ‘What are your plans for this weekend’ or ‘What is your favourite book/song?’ I notice that I get more comments when I ask something. And comments are better for your engagement rate than likes.

6.  Find new engaging people to follow

When you follow people, you follow them because you like their account. Never follow because you want a follow back from them. A great way to find new accounts is on Facebook. My favourite group is  Instagram Influencers. Everyone can leave their link in the group if you want. Most of them are pretty supportive and will like your stuff.

7. Use Instagram Stories

Another way to increase your likes is using stories. I use Instagram stories also when I uploaded a new post. Not everyone will see your post immediately. So when they check your stories, they will see that you uploaded a new one.

8. Join a pod

This is optional, but you can join a pod. I use to be in one. I left the group because I did not like it. However, I am in a group ‘pod’ right now. But somehow commenting/liking on others photos does not feel like a chore. Everyone in this group is so nice and supportive. We are like-minded people and we can also just talk in our pod. So I see it more as an Instagram friends group thing.

Do you have more tips on how to increase your engagement on Instagram?

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