how to grow on instagram in 2019

How to grow on Instagram in 2019

Instagram is still growing. Around 500 million people are online every single day on Instagram. So yes, it is still possible to grow on Instagram. Forget the algorithm and change your game! I will exactly tell you how to grow on Instagram 2019

A lot of people are complaining about the Instagram algorithm. But why is that? I was the same, but then I just changed my Instagram and it worked. The Instagram algorithm helps you! For example if you like cat videos, you will see more cat videos. If you engage a lot with another Instagrammer, you will see her/his posts more often! The tips I am giving in this post applies to everyone! Not only when you are business, but also when you want to be an influencer

The first tip is to be active! Post videos or photos as much as possible. I am talking about daily posts and not monthly posts. Or some people post 10 photos on one day and then they disappear for a month or so. Don’t do that either. It is bad for your algorithm, yes! When you are consistent, instagram will reward you.  You should also post insta stories. Insta stories is also a great way to communicate with your followers. You can add polls or questions!


Instagram posts

The most important thing is engagement! I follow a couple of people that don’t post very often, but because I engage with them every time they post, Instagram is showing me their posts! And if I barely interact with someone, their posts won’t show up (unless they are very popular posts).

When you post a photo, always ask a question. You will definitely get more engagement when you do. And when you get comments, reply to them. Those people take time to answer your question and if you don’t respond to people, they think that you don’t care. They will probably walk away (aka unfollow). I get it is hard to answer all of the comments when you get hundreds of them, but just reply to some of them! It is definitely worth it.

Never skip your captions! Everyone thinks it is all about the photo. But it is not! Writing good captions is also very important. Write something you care about and ask your followers for their opinion.

Direct messaging and Insta stories

When you think that your post is the most important thing for your algorithm, you are wrong! DM’s and Insta stories are important too! Answer your DM’s. I used to ignore all of my DM because I got so many every single day. But now I just answer some of them. It is also a form of engagement. If someone sends you a DM and you answer it, your posts will show up in their feeds.

Same applies to Insta stories. If you asked a question or you used a poll, go check the answers. Interact with those people. You can see who said ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on your poll! And answer the messages you get when you asked for something.

I am applying all of this to my Instagram account and it is really working. My engagement gets higher every single week. And when you get more likes/engagement, you will see that you will get more followers too. Another great advice that I can give to you is that you should use a business account. People are claiming that your engagement will drop, but that is not even true. And you can use the analytics to make even better content. You can see what people like the most and when they are active on Instagram.

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