How to deal with the fear of missing out (FOMO)

How to deal with the fear of missing out

Do you have the feeling that your life is a bit boring? Do you think other people have way more fun in their life than you? Maybe you have FOMO, the fear of missing out. This blogpost is about how to deal with the fear of missing out.

It is a saturday night and you are watching a Netflix movie and it is not even a good one. Because you are bored, you grab your phone and go on Facebook and Instagram.

And you see that everyone is having a great time on this ordinary saturday. It seems you are the only one who stayed home. One is at a big birthday party of his uncle, the other one went to a football game with his friend and someone else went to an amazing concert.
You sigh, Everyone is having more fun than me. I am just sitting here on my couch watching a stupid movie
Do you recognize this? I will you give you some advice.

1. You will alway miss something.

Yes, I said it. You can’t be everywhere all the time and that is okay. It is impossible to do everything and be anywhere.
So don’t worry about the things you are missing out. You are probably missed the sunset, an insane party in Paris, a fashion week in New York. Don’t look at the things you didn’t do, because you were doing something else. But enjoy what you are doing.

2. We all missing out something

Okay, maybe your friend is at a great party, but he is not at a concert. Everyone is missing out. You have to make choices in your life. You can’t be everywhere all the time. Choose the things what makes you happy, not because someone you know is going to that party or concert.

3. The grass is always greener on the other side

Everyone is showing their best moments on Facebook and Instagram. They (almost) never share their bad moments, just realize that. Do you share your bad and boring moments? Probably not. I know I don’t. Sure I talk about it sometimes, but I prefer sharing my happy moments. And everyone does that. You probably think that their lives are amazing, but it is just one picture. One second of their life that they are sharing.

4. Be grateful

Just be grateful for the things in your life. Sure you are watching a terrible movie on netflix, but atleast you don’t get a hangover if you were at a party. And it is fine to relax and to stay home and take care of yourself.

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3 Replies to “How to deal with the fear of missing out (FOMO)”

  1. I love the inspiring self-motivational message!

  2. Fantastic advice. Sometimes I worry about missing out on something. But, it’s always important to be reminded that we will always miss out on something.

    1. I agree completely!

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