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how to be single

Title: How to be single
Actors: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann
Director: Christian Ditter
Writers: Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein
Length: 110 min
Date: February 2016

About How to be single

Alice Is taking a ‘break’ in her relationship. She meets Robin at her new job. And Robin helps her how to live a single lifestyle, going to parties and make out with strangers. Alice hooks up with Tom but then she wants to go back to her ex. But he is seeing someone else already. Then she meets a new guy, but after three months he is breaking up with her. He was obviously not ready for a new relationship.
Alice her sister is a midwife but she does not want to have children. At least that is what she thinks. She gets pregnant and then she finds a guy

Lucy lives above a bar, Toms bar. One night she talks to her old friends and they are all happy in a relationship and they are disappointed to hear that she is still single. Then out of the blue Tom kisses her. Just to impress her friends
. But you can tell that tom likes her. Every time she is hanging out with another guy, he looks really jealous.



I think this was a fun movie to watch with your (single) friend(s). But I have to admit it was not the best movie ever. Far from it actually.  I was kind of expecting a happy ending, I guess. Maybe because normally romantic comedy movies always have a happy ending. This movie does not have a romantic happy ending. So don’t watch this movie if you want to see a happy ending. Which makes this movie different from the rest. So maybe it is a good thing. And at the end of the movie, it has a positive message for everyone who is single. It is not bad to be single at all.

Loved Rebel Wilson part, she was so funny like always. Watch her movies if you are in a bad mood! Jake Lacy was also brilliant in this movie.

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