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how it ends

Title: How it ends
Actors: Kat Graham, Theo James, Forest Whitaker
Writer: Brooks McLaren
Director: David M. Rosenthal
Date: 13 July 2018

About How it ends

Will is together with Samantha and they are expecting a baby. But when Samantha calls Will, on the morning that Will is coming back to Seattle, something terrible happens. Every single form of communication is gone. Together with his father in law, he tries to go back to Samantha to Seattle. But that trip is not easy.



I love the end of the world kind of movies, like the day after tomorrow. And I kind of was expecting that, but it was more an action movie to me. On their way to Seattle, they meet Ricki, who can fix their car, but she is coming with them. But eventually she stopped the car and she said she wants to go back, so I had absolutely no idea what Ricki her role in this movie was? She was just there.
Nobody knows exactly what is going on and you will never know it either. I still have so many questions, like what was Ricki’s role in this movie and what happened? Also, the point where Tom (Samantha’s father) dies, the movie gets worse. The ending was just weird because there was absolutely no end? Did they forget to upload the rest of the movie? I mean: this movie is called: how it ends, so we do want to know how it ends.

Rating: 4/10



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