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Hoe positief blijven in moeilijke tijden

There are a lot of things going on in my life right now and I notice how hard it can be to stay positive during those times. That gave me the idea to do some research and give you some tips on how to stay positive in negative times.

Get out of your own head

When you are feeling negative, you tend overthink everything that is happening. Or maybe you are constantly thinking about what will happen in the future. Don’t have a pity party. It is okay to have negative thoughts, but it is not okay when you are staying too long in a negative state.

So break the cycle when you are overthinking too much. Get your body moving. Dance, stretch, go for a run or maybe you can also hang out with your friend. That always helps for me.

And remember: you are not your thoughts.

Remove negative stimulance

For example, when you just got out of a relationship, don’t keep their photos or stuff. Because it will remember you of the relationship you had and it can make you sad. Don’t listen to sad music, but listen to music that makes you happy.

Do a social media cleanse and delete all of the accounts you don’t want to follow anymore. Unfollow those accounts that make you feel down and sad. And start following the accounts that really make you happy.
Spend time with high vibe friends and try to stay away from the negative people. And be aware of alcohol and drugs, because they lower your vibration too.

Connect with nature

I love being in nature and you can even this combine with tip number 1: Getting out of your own head. Go out for a walk in nature, go to the beach. If I lived closed to the beach, I would be there every single day, even in winter. I love listening to the waves. But even when you don’t live near the beach, nature can be very therapeutic. Listen to the birds that are singing.

Be childlike

The last tip is to be a child. As a child, you are excited for literally everything. Kids are also very good at living in the moment. When I was little, I did not think about what I will do tomorrow or next week. I was just playing for hours and hours.

So when you are in a low vibration, just be silly, make jokes and don’t be too serious all of the time. Life is too short for that.

Just relax and know that everything will be fine.

What is your number one tip for how to stay positive in negative times?

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