How to survive a heatwave
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Hoe overleef je een hittegolf?

It is super hot here in the Netherlands with temperatures between 30-40 degrees. And maybe it is also hot where you live. But how to survive a heatwave when you are not used to temperatures like these? I think self-care is very important on days like this.

If it is not very hot in your country, you can use these Self-care tips 

Drink water

A very obvious one but you really have to drink enough water. You are sweating a lot more on a hot day and you have to stay hydrated. When you feel tired or when you have a headache, drink water and you’ll see that you will feel better immediately.
Also, a lot of people think that cold drinks will help you, but it is better to drink warm water than cold. When you drink cold water, your body has to work hard to keep your body temperature around 37 degrees. Also, you will feel refreshed for a second and in a few minutes you are feeling hot again. But with warm water, it works the other way around. First, you feel warm/hot when you drink warm water, but then you feel colder when your body is cooling down again.

Stay calm

Some people are going crazy when they know a heatwave is coming. They are yelling everywhere ‘How am I going to survive this?’ They are stressing about the weather, even before the heatwave has started. 
So stay calm during the day. If you are feeling stressed a lot, try these long-term solutions.

Wear light clothes

Darker clothes will hold warmth, so wearing light/white clothes will help a little. And of course, you should also wear clothes that are not too heavy. Wear light fabrics. 

Keep the warmth outside

Our houses in the Netherlands are built to keep the warmth inside the house during the cold winter. But that means it can be really hot inside during a heat wave. I remember that last year it was around 30-35 degrees inside the house all summer long. The best tip I can give is that you should close your windows and curtains. And in the evening you should open everything and let in the fresh colder air. I sleep with my windows open because the nights are a little bit cooler (around 20 degrees Celsius)

Stay in the shadow

It is not good for your skin to sit in the sun all day long. And I honestly think that the ‘I need a tan right now’ trend is ridiculous. Stay in the shadow. It is also much cooler out of the sun so it is a win-win situation.


You always have to wear sunscreen (yes also in the winter) but the UV index is way higher in summer. That means that your skin can get red/burned in just a few minutes. So go to the store and buy the best sunscreen you can find, preferably with a high factor (50+)

Wear wet clothes

I don’t recommend this at work or school but this is a great tip when you are at home. You hold your shirt a few seconds under the tap until it gets wet (not too wet) and then you wear it. I did this a lot last year and it feels weird in the beginning but you get used to it. 

What is your best tip to survive the heatwave or do you like hot weather?

how to survive a heatwave

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  • Nancy

    Considering how it is already summer on my end, all of these tips are super useful! I love the tip about wearing light clothes – best time to wear clothes made of materials that will not soak up the heat either. Thanks for sharing all of these tips!

    Nancy ♥

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