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Hoe maak je van 2019 JOUW jaar

Happy new year everyone! Hope you’ve had a beautiful day with your friends and family. It is the first day of the year and it is also the day that people are starting with resolutions. In my opinion, you can start whenever you want. But I get that the first day of the year feels like a new start. I am giving you some tips on how to make 2019 YOUR year.

Do what you love

Sounds very simple, but most of us are doing a lot of things that they don’t like. We are doing those things because of society, friends or family think we should do it. This year I want you to choose for yourself. If you don’t know what you really like, figure it out. Try different things and see what you really like.

Because when you find the thing you really like, you can do it for hours. And even better: it does not feel like working at all. You can do it all day long. And you are no longer waiting for the weekend or your vacation anymore. You even want to work on your weekend.

Set goals

Setting goals helps you to focus on what is important for you. For example, if you like writing (blogs) just like me, you can say that you want to write blog posts every single day or you want to write 2.000 words every single day when you are a writer.
You can set yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily goals to keep you focused on what you want. Be realistic. When you also have a full-time job, it can also very hard to write 5.000 words every single day.

Eliminate bad habits

Say good bye to your bad habits. Stop using wasting your time on things that does not help you or makes you happy. Don’t being lazy when you actually want to do something productive. Stop binge-watch everything on Netflix, if you want to be successful.  Don’t sleep 12 hours in the weekend. Stop procrastinating. Everyone has their own bad habits, write them down and stop doing them.

For me: I can be a little bit lazy every now and then. I just think: I should do this or that, but I keep procrastinating. What helps for me is making to-do lists every single morning. Keeps me motivated and I get more done in less time now.

Exercise and eat healthy

Tony Robbins always says ‘Motion creates Emotion.’ What does that mean? Well, for me it means that when I feel a little bit down, I go out for a walk or I have a danceparty by myself. It really helps. Even after a short walk (15 minutes) I feel a lot better and less stressed. We are sitting too much every single day and sitting can really make you feel sad. So stand up and walk around, jump or dance. Go wild.

Other things you should do is eating healthy food. You are what you eat and it is true. Eat a lot of veggies and fruit.


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