How to start your Monday right
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Hoe je maandag goed beginnen

It is Monday again! I personally love this day. It is a great day to set new goals and intentions for the rest of the week. But I know there are a lot of people who hate Mondays (how dare you!). If you are that kind of person who does feel like crap, I give you a few tips on how to start your Monday right.

Get a good night of sleep

If you start your Monday right, you should start on Sunday evening/night. Your Monday can only be awesome if you had a good night of sleep. Because when you decide to go to bed around 2 pm and you have to wake up at 7 am, you are probably already losing. Unless you are that person who just needs 4-5 hours of sleep.

But the majority of us really needs more sleep. I prefer a good night of 7-8 hours of sleep. When I wake up I feel well rested and focused. I have enough energy to get through the day and can complete my tasks easily. When you don’t get a good night of sleep, you can feel tired, you feel less focused and less energetic. So go to bed early on Sunday evening and don’t take your phone with you.

Make a planning

Sometimes I do this on Sunday before, but sometimes I just take time on  Monday to make planning for the rest of the week. I write down my goals and things I have to do. This will make everything clearer. Writing everything down you have to do, will make your head empty. 

Of course, you have to be careful when you make plans for the rest of the week. You have to be realistic. And plan enough time for every single task. For example, for me it is impossible to write 4 blog posts, take new photos, answer all emails and updating the social media accounts. It is just too much. Give yourself space to breathe and say no to things.

Take time for yourself in the morning

I remember the time when I was in high school and university. I woke up last-minute and then I had to hurry. I had to prepare my lunch, get dressed and get ready in a short amount of time. Which was pretty stressful sometimes. Because if someone went wrong, everything went wrong. Now I just take time for myself in the morning. I give myself an hour to wake up, eat breakfast, meditate or write in my gratitude journal. 

Monday really sets the tone for the rest of the week. So if you decide to wake up last-minute and then you have to hurry, don’t be surprised that you feel a little more stressed than normal. 

Listen to great music

Music can really uplift your mood. That is the reason why I sometimes turn on the radio or my playlist and just listen to my favourite songs. Artists/bands who really make me feel excited are Queen, Sigrid, Mumford and Sons and more. My list is actually way too long to share it with you, but those are a few artists that I really like to listen to.

Listen and sing along with your favourite songs, you can even do this in your car on your way to your work/school. Or when you have to take the train or bus, use your headphones. And if you are still at home listening to your favourite songs, just dance! Any form of exercise is also great for your mood.

Do you have more tips on how to start your Monday right?

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How to start your Monday right

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  • Ray

    I agree with everything on this list. I especially found planning for the day the night before and taking time for myself in the morning both are quite effective in shaping up the whole day for me.
    I do make a plan for the whole week but more like routine tasks, I set a day for each of the things that need to get done every week.

  • Nazish

    Wow! Amazing tips. I really am need of such tips to start being an early bird. I so am trying my best but its been years since I am a night owl. Planning is such an amazing idea but one needs to stick to it.

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