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Happy new year to you! Hope you had a lovely new years eve. It is a tradition for people to make new years resolutions. I make them too. It is good to look back on new years eve and see if you accomplished your goals that year. I always look back and take time for reflection. Did I accomplish my resolutions? Why not? What stopped me? But the best part is making goals for this year and today I am sharing mine with you.


Move to Rotterdam

I am currently looking for a beautiful place where I can live with my cat. At the moment I live in the north of the Netherlands and it is not that bad, but there is absolutely nothing to do here. I want to go to the museum, concerts, events. Of course, we have a museum here, but it is not my favourite one. A few years ago I fell in love with Rotterdam and that is why I want to live there.


Read more

I have Netflix since June last year and I did spend way too much time on Netflix this year. It was new to me and there is so much you can watch without ads. But because I was watching Netflix all the time, I didn’t read much in 2017. I love to read books and spend hours in a different world. That is why I want to read more in 2018 again. Good news: I’ve won a gift card for a bookstore, so I can start this year by buying new books. How awesome is that?

Exercise more

When you spend too much time on Netflix, you barely exercise/walk. And I did gain a bit weight this year. I am not fat, never been. But I only gain weight in the wrong places, my stomach. My legs and arms are still thin. But that is going to change: I want to gain muscles this year, get stronger and I want to be able to run 5k!

Do more fun things

In 2016 I still had bad anxiety, in 2017 I only got a couple of panic attacks. I am getting my anxiety under control. But because of my anxiety, I never did spontaneous things. I always prepared myself for everything. But it is time now to live a little more. Going to the cinema more often and see my friends even when I am feeling anxious, because they always make me feel better.

Instagram and blog

I want to try to write daily posts on my blog and upload a photo every day on Instagram. There is so much that I want to share with you. My next two goals for Instagram are reaching 50k and 100k. Some of you will think that it is way too ambitious, but I can always dream, right? For my blog, I have made smaller goals, because I just started this blog last week. The first goal is to reach 10k views in one month. Should be possible.  And I want to sell handmade fair vegan products here on my website.

Do you make new years resolutions?

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