My Happy Hippie Week #1 | How was my birthday?

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I deleted all of my old posts about ‘My Happy Hippie Week’ , because I was not happy with it at all. Today I am starting over with this. Every saturday I will write a blogpost about my week. Just like a vlog, but with written content and pictures. At the end of every post I write a list of the things I am/was grateful this week.
Note: This weeks post is mostly about my birthday (yesterday, may 25th)

This week was a very productive week. I wrote a couple of blogposts, so that I am free this weekend and can celebrate my birthday. Al though I am always thinking about my Instagram and Blog. I am always thinking about ideas and how I can improve my content. So this week was pretty ‘boring’ , because I was just writing and writing. But this was pretty much my view all week: my beautiful ugly red wall.

My happy hippie week

I also had to make plans for this weekend, because yesterday was my birthday. But as introvert I don’t want to throw a big party and invite everyone I know. I just wanted to watch a movie with some people and eat food ofcourse.

My birthday was cool. I tried to not to think about blogging or something else. It was harder than I thought it would be. In the evening I got some nice presents: flowers, bathbomb, giftcards and flamingo lights.


I also wrote a blogpost about a beautiful webshop, where you can buy personalized gifts for everyone. That blogpost is also doing well. I guess you are all looking gifts for father’s day. You guys seemed to like my review about ‘The kissing booth’ Netflix movie. My reviews about movies/series are getting more popular too. This gives me motivation to write more reviews and improve my review posts.


⭐Finished Jill Mansell’s book ⭐ Reading another Jill Mansell’s book ⭐ Beautiful weather ⭐ A sauce that finally is available at my supermarket ⭐ Making plans for my birthday ⭐ Collab with a brand ⭐ Dark chocolate ⭐ Lasagna ⭐ Beautiful wildflowers in nature ⭐ My birthday ⭐


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