Happy birthday to me + Goals 2018

Yes, that is right. It is my birthday today and I thought this is the perfect day to look at my goals for 2018 and if I am on the right track. And maybe something has changed and a certain goal is not important anymore.

Move to Rotterdam

No, I am still here. But for now, I am cool with that. I am focusing on my blog and Instagram and takes up a lot of time and I really like it this way. But I still want to move to Rotterdam. I am checking out blogs about hotspots in this city and what good neighbourhood are. When the time feels right, I move.

Read more

Yes! I have no idea how many books I have read so far this year, but it is definitely more than 10. Which is pretty decent. I am currently reading a lot of Jill Mansell her books but also planning to read more non-fiction books. And my TBR list is big enough and I still want to buy a lot of new books. This weekend I am taking time off and I am definitely going to read a lot!!

Exercise more

Yes and no. I have my lazy days, but I try to walk more and every now and then I work-out. I am currently looking for a good work-out program/schedule, so I can pick my work-out routine up again. And I am planning to start running (again!!), but I always make excuses to stay at home. I need to stop excuses and start doing. Going to work on that next 6 months.

Do more fun things

No, I need to do more fun things. I go shopping with my friends or hang out with them. But I need to do more fun things, like going to the cinema. I haven’t been to the cinema for ages now. Miss that. I need to make time for myself and do happy and non-related things.

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