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Gossip and gucci | Lauren Weisberger

Title: Everyone worth knowing
Author: Lauren Weisberger
Publisher: Pocket Books
Pages: 448
Genre: Chicklit, romance
Date: December 2006
Rating: 3,5/5

About Everyone worth knowing

Bette is working at a bank and she really hates her job. The only thing she is looking forward to is her break and get some in the city. Even though she is not even allowed to leave the building during her break. When she is having a discussion with her boss, she suddenly quits her job. In the beginning, she is really loving her life as an unemployed person. She is watching her favourite series all day long and she eats a lot of food.

Her uncle Will introduces her to Kelly and she has a job for her at her company, where they organise (PR) events. This jobs means that she needs to know about everyone who matters and going to the club almost every single night. On her first night, she also meets Sammy and Philip. Sammy is just the security guy and Philip is a rich and famous guy from the U.K. When the paparazzi takes a picture of Philip and Bette together, they all think that she is dating him. But she does not even like him that much, even though he is pretty good looking. Philip is known for taking girls home just for the night. And while everyone thinks that Bette is the new girlfriend of Philip, Bette is falling in love with someone else.

And then we have Penelope (best friend of Bette) and Avery. Bette and her friend Michael don’t like Avery at all and they both think that Pen can do so much better. But Pen is always defending Avery’s mistakes. Will she ever leave Avery?


I really was in the mood of reading a good romantic book and then I found this on my bookshelf. I haven’t seen or read this book forever. That is the reason why I decided to read it again and review it for you. I’ve read this book in my own language (Dutch), so that is why the book title is completely different.
This book is written by Lauren Weisberger, who also wrote The Devil Wears¬†Prada. In that book, she showed us that the glamour/famous lifestyle isn’t pretty at all. The same about this book. Bette starts to work for an Event/PR company and it is completely different compared to her last job. It sounds pretty awesome when Bette can organise important parties and that she gets paid to go to parties, but it isn’t. She never comes home before 2 AM and her job starts at 9 again.

It is a pretty demanding job too. She has to know everything about everyone who is important. Before that, she did not care about rich and famous people at all, but now she has to. And she is also fake-dating Philip, who is super rich. But she is doing it because it is really good for the company. Since she started ‘dating’ him, they got more events to organise and more brands want to work with them.

The ending was a little bit disappointing. I guess there was a happy ending, but what I would expect from this book. I mean, Bettie loves to read those romantic books with a hot guy on the cover. (Do you know what I mean?). Those books you can buy at the supermarket. (Here in the Netherlands we call them Doctor romance novels). But I was kind of expecting an ending like that. There was not even a kiss in this book. So yeah, of course, I am disappointed in the ending, the rest of the book was enjoyable, funny and very romantic.

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