Good Girls Review

good girls review

Title: Good Girls
Actors: Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mae Whitman, Manny Montana
Creator: Jenna Bans
Date: 26 February 2018

About Good Girls

Three suburban mothers (two sisters and 1 friend) suddenly find themselves in desperate circumstances and decide to stop playing it safe and risk everything to take their power back. They all three need money, a lot of money. Annie needs money for a lawyer, her sister Beth needs money for the mortgage and other debts and Ruby needs money for her daughter medicines and kidney transplantation.  They only know one way to get that money: robbing a supermarket. They all three also agreed this is just a one time only thing, but things changed when they meet Rio. And they also made a huge mistake by robbing the supermarket where Annie works and her boss Boomer recognize her tattoo.



I seriously did not know what to expect at first, but the trailer looked funny. And it was awesome! The first season of 10 episodes was hilarious. They somehow get away with everything and almost everyone is buying their big lies, except Annies boss Boomer. But instead of calling the police, he wants to solve this in his own way.  I can definitely see the second season and I think there will be next year.
Apparently, this series came out in February in the USA, but Netflix released it this month (3rd July) here in Europe too. This show has humour, action and great actors. I secretly hope that Rio will play a bigger role in the next season. He is absolutely my favourite, besides Annie. And I also was kind of surprised that he did not end up with Beth in bed, because there was so much sexual tension between those two characters. If I was Beth I definitely would. Rio is hot and I think her husband is boring and he is also lying about his disease so beth will stay with him.
I definitely recommend this show too. And I am not the only one who likes this show, because the show gets a 7,7 on IMDB

Rating 8/10

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2 Replies to “Good Girls Review”

  1. Oooh, I saw the trailer for this and wondered if it was any good. You’ve made me want to watch it now. So many things I want to watch and not enough hours in the day is the trouble!

    1. thewildflowerhippie says: Reply

      I know right. We need more time. But you could just watch the first episode to see if you like it.

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