My goals for March 2018

my goals for march 2018

It is important to set goals. I make daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals. My daily and weekly goals are too small to share, but I want to share my goals for March 2018.

Be able to run 2k without stopping

I told you earlier this week here, that I want to run a 5k and of course, I have to train for it. My cardio is the worst at the moment. Good news: it is getting warmer at the moment. So I can run outside without freezing off my toes. And hopefully, I can say at the end of the month that I can run 2K without stopping and maybe more? Who knows? I am making a schedule for myself at the moment.

Make more time to read

This month I barely read any books. I just read 4 books, I think. Sounds a lot to some people, but it is not for me. Going to spend less time in the evening on Netflix. And I really want to read more books, because my to be read list is growing each day. There are a lot of books I still want to read. Fiction and non-fiction.

Make more time for fun things

I love the things I do every day, but sometimes I feel that I need more time off. I spend hours and hours on my blog every day. And yes I can see that it is paying off, but my head (and eyes) needs a little bit of rest. Making time to see my friends more often, making long walks, exercising, crafting, writing.

So these three things are my goals for this month. Next month I tell you if I did these things.

What are your goals for this month?

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3 Replies to “My goals for March 2018”

  1. Nice goals!
    I gave my laptop a day off today. Poor thing is working so hard for me.
    My goal this month is to find work (or get in to a traineeship, I really have a good feeling about it).

  2. Good luck with your goals! I need to motivate myself to run as well xx

  3. I also have the problem of an ever growing to be read list. Have you tried audiobooks? I love listening to them while I’m at work or driving or cleaning. While lots of people are praising Audible, I’ve been getting digital copies from my local library, downloaded directly to my phone. They’re awesome!

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