Getting my shit together

Getting my shit together

Before I begin with this blog post I have to let you know that I am a chaotic person. I make a mess everywhere I go and I am also very chaotic in my head. I’ve watched tons of those ‘getting my shit together’ videos on YouTube and now I think it is my time to get my shit together.

I am doing to this I really have to create more structure and routine into my daily life. I am a blogger, Instagram influencer and a writer, but still every morning I wake up I have no idea what I should do. And when I am working, I really want to do 3242 things at the same time. Like I said: I am a chaotic person.

Getting my shit together

The idea of getting your shit together is basically that you do all of those little tasks that you have been procrastinating. But it also means that you clean up the mess. Literally. Clean your bedroom, your study/workroom and your living room. When you have done that, you can go to step 2. And that is definitely my favourite step. Organizing my life and make to-do lists. My job is my life, literally. And honestly, I don’t mind. I love it. I can write wherever and whenever I want.

Notes everywhere

I have pieces of paper with notes everywhere. And it is time to organize it and stuff like that.
I started to focus on my blog post ideas sections. Normally I would write it down on just a random piece of paper and of course, that piece of paper gets lost. I divided my blog ideas into 5 sections. I prefer writing it down. I am old school.

But every time I get a new idea, I write it down on the right piece paper. And when I want to write a new blog post about a book-related topic, I just look in that section and pick an idea.

Getting my shit together

Routine and making content calendar

Creating a routine isn’t easy when you are writer. Sometimes you have a lot of inspiration and sometimes you don’t. But for my blog I want to write every single day. So I definitely need a routine. Without a routine, I am lost. And blogging isn’t just writing a blog post and then you are done. I do a lot of things on a normal day.

Things I do on a daily basis:
– Write new blog post(s)
– Take pictures and edit them
– Use Grammarly to find any mistakes
– Make Instagram Quotes
– Read books for reviews
– Watch movies for reviews
– Brainstorm for new ideas
– Write new things for Wattpad.

So I do a lot of things on a daily basis and it can be hard sometimes to keep an overview. That is why I need a routine and a content calendar. I think these goes hand in hand. I have to know what I have to do on a certain day and I need my content calendar for that. But that content calendar is non-existing right now. So I am creating one today!

I still like to write everything down, even with my content calendar. So I will write everything on my content calendar. I made one for Instagram and one for my blog. A lot of the times I post a quote or photo on my Instagram that’s related to my blog post. And I will keep everything together in my document folder.

Book list

I really need to make a book list with all of the books that I read and wrote a review about. It is so much easier for me to go to the bookstore with that list (on my phone) and buy new books I haven’t read yet.
I got this idea from a lady I’ve met a while ago in a store. This store also sells books and she brought her list of books to the store. She told me that this list helped her to not to buy the exact same book again. That is actually pretty smart. I mean if you read 100 books a year. It is really hard to remember which books you’ve already read.

I have this Excel app on my phone and normally you use this to calculate things. I used a lot of excel when I was studying economics. And it is amazing how much this thing can do. You can make a graph but also normal lists. I write down the title of the book in one column and the author in the other column and I will use the alphabetic option. That alphabetic option makes it even easier. With one click you see what books you’ve already read by Stephen King for example.

Do you have your shit together?

Getting my shit together

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