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Title: Geek Girl
Author: Holly Smale
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 378
Date: February 2013
Rating: 6,5/10

About Geek Girl

This is the first book the series of Geek Girl. Harriët is absolutely not popular at school and everyone hates her except for her best friend Nat. When they have to go to an event with school, Harriët got scouted. Which is kind of funny, because Nat knew that there would be model scouts at the event and her biggest dream is to be a model. Unfortunately for Nat, they don’t scout her. Harriët is the nerd of the school and she does not get why she got scouted. The agent says that the nerdy look is hot right now and she would be the perfect model for a very important job as a model of Baylee. But in at the end, she discovers the truth about why she is the new face of Baylee.


This is the first book in the Geek girl series. I’ve found this one at a book fair here in the Netherlands and it sounded really good. Harriët is the girl who gets bullied by everyone (but Nat, her best friend) at school. The model agency discovered her and she does not understand why. She does not think she is pretty at all. But eventually, she takes the job as a model. Only because Harriët thinks that everything will be different, that people will like her. But the model world is harder then she thinks. The other models are even mean like the girls (and boys) at her school.

What I did not understand was the behaviour of Nat. Harriët told at the beginning of the book that she and Nat are friends, but that they are also too different. Nat gets really upset when she finds out that Harriët got the job. It was Nat’s dream to be a model. But shouldn’t you be happy for your best friend? Nat was acting like it was Harriëts fault that she couldn’t a model. But suddenly she is okay with everything and I am not sure really what changed her.

This book was a little bit childish for me personally, but for teenagers, it is a perfect contemporary book.

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