The Food You Didn’t Know Could Be Vegan

The Food You Didn’t Know Could Be Vegan

Veganism has been taking the world by storm over the last few years. Growing into far more than a simple online trend, thousands of people are adapting to this lifestyle, and it looks like real change is on the horizon for those who don’t want to rely on animals. Of course, though, a lot of people struggle to make this transition, assuming that they won’t be able to enjoy food once they’ve become a vegan. This simply isn’t true, though, and there are loads of options popping up on the market which can give you the chance to eat like you used to eat.


Most people don’t realise quite how much of their food contains cheese until they decide to live without it. This component goes into loads of different meals, making up a large part of a lot of people’s diets. In the past, vegan cheeses were never very pleasant. Nowadays, though, you can take something like a macaroni salad recipe and simply replace to animal products with your own alternatives. Several large companies have been taking advantage of this, producing their own ranges of pizzas and pastas which all use fake cheese.

Ice Cream

Everyone likes to indulge in a little bit of cold creamy goodness every once in a while, but most ice cream of made from cow’s milk, and this certainly isn’t vegan. Thankfully, loads of companies have been coming out with their own ice cream alternatives over the last few years. Some are made from ingredients like soya, while others are simpler, being built from crushed fruit. This makes it nice and easy to find examples which you really like. Most people are amazed at how smooth ice cream can be when it is made from milk alternatives, with these ingredients forming crystals far slower than normal milk.


Eating dark chocolate all the time is an idea which doesn’t appeal to everyone. Being very rich, a product like this is designed for occasional enjoyment, and this won’t fit into a lot of people’s chocolate quota. There are a lot of companies focusing their efforts on improving this side of the market, at the moment. Like ice cream, there are a lot of different approaches taken with this, giving you the chance to try a range of different options until you find one which you really like. A lot of people assume that vegan chocolate isn’t very good, though a lot of the brands are indistinguishable from normal ones.

The Food You Didn’t Know Could Be Vegan

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While it may seem weird to go for a vegan diet and still want to have products which reflect meat, most people don’t stop eating the stuff as the result of a dislike for it. There are several different types of fake meat you can find, nowadays. Several large companies make products like this, though these options are often the most lackluster. Instead, using ingredients like seitan and jackfruit, you can create your own vegan dishes which taste and feel very much like the real thing. There are examples out there which would be able to convince a veteran meat eater.


When you browse around the web for vegan recipes, a lot of the options which come up are savory dishes. While these meals are great, they will never satisfy a sweet tooth, and this is where vegan cakes come in. Using options like olive spread, oat milk, and egg replacer, you have the ingredients available to create almost any type of cake. Some people have even cracked making convincing chocolate cakes, and this is something which you couldn’t find just a few years ago. Of course, though, this is something to be careful with, as a cake will never be good for you.

Potato Chips

Being quite a simple snack, most potato chips don’t have very many ingredients. This makes it easy to look through the back of the packet to make sure that they don’t contain anything you can’t eat. Even meaty options often don’t have any animals products in them, instead being made using blends of herbs and spices. This makes it incredibly easy to find options which you can enjoy. Like cakes, potato chips don’t tend to be very good for you, and this is something to watch out for.

As time goes on, more and more companies are turning their attention towards the vegan market. This means that it is a simple matter of getting the research done before new options are able to hit the shelves, all while making it easier for those who choose this lifestyle to live a normal life.

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