My fitgirl story begins

my fitgirl story begins

A lot of people think about those Instagram fitness models if you use the fitgirl. For me, fitgirl means that I am able to run and doing daily activities without getting tired. This is where my Fitgirl story begins.

When I was younger…

So my whole life I have been the skinny girl and I got a lot of comments about that. Especially when I was in high school. I got comments like: ‘Why do you play football and why do you dance?, you are already so skinny”  or ‘Eat this pie or take an extra cookie. You need it.’ Not very nice. But they said stuff like this so often that I started to believe it. I did not have to work-out because I am already skinny.

But there one big thing I (and other people) did not realize. Being skinny does not mean you are fit and healthy. I could barely run for 3k. Since the moment I started to believe those people I thought I should eat more and that is what I did. I thought that eating fast food was a great way to gain more weight. And I barely exercised.


Situation right now

And here I am: I did gain weight the last couple of years, not overweight yet.  But because I was eating bad unhealthy foods and I stopped exercising, I got in a bad shape. At the moment I can barely run for 2 minutes and not even 1k.
And I am still wondering what was I thinking. Why did I listen to these people? I am eating better things now. We have our own garden where we grow our own veggies. But my endurance is terrible. I notice it in my daily life (taking the stairs) and it made me realize that I want to change. I want to be able to run at least 5k without taking a break and I want to build more muscles (mostly upper body). So this is where my fitgirl story begins

I found a Youtube video for a work-out (see below) you can do at home and I am going to start with that. And after a couple of weeks, I will also add running (outside). No, I am not buying work-out clothes right now and just wear the things I have. I do own a sports legging, so that will be perfect for running if it is cold outside.


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