Favourite places to read a book

Favourite places to read a book

I can read literally everywhere and that is also the reason why I always bring a book when I am leaving the house. These are my favourite places to read a book and let me know what your favourite places to read a book are.


When I take the train, I always bring a book. Because when I travel, I travel for at least 30 minutes – 3 hours and why not using that time to read a book? And maybe you have to take the train (or bus) every single day. It is a great way to kill some time. I heard that some people also read on the bus, but somehow I always get sick when I do that.


So obvious of course. I mean you are surrounded by books. It is always quiet. Some libraries here have a place where you can sit and just relax a bit with your book. I remember I did this a lot when I was younger with a friend. The library was pretty close to our houses.

In the garden

Favourite moment of the day in summer is when it is still light enough outside, but everyone is quiet and inside. Or the moment in the weekends around 8 in the morning, when everyone is still sleeping. I sit down in the garden with a book. Good start of the day too.


The only thing you need is a sunny day. Go to the beach and read your book. And when you want to take a break, you can go for a beach walk. If there is no beach nearby, go to a lake.


I have a favourite spot in our park here in the city. It is perfect. There is a fountain, there are people making music (but not too loud), trees and I always bring a friend and/or food.


Last but not least: my bed. This is absolutely my favourite spot to read. It is comfy and when it is cold I use a lot of blankets. And it does not matter if you fall asleep while reading.


What are your favourite places to read a book?

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