My favorite series at the moment

My favorite series at the moment

These days there are a lot of tv shows/series that you can watch. There is for anyone something that you would like. Today I am talking about my favourite series at the moment.

Full House

I remember the first time I was watching Netflix and it was actually Full House. Currently, I am even rewatching it, because I enjoyed it so much. It is funny and it is cool to watch those girls grow up.
For those who don’t know: Full House is a tv show from the 80’s/90’s and it is about a man with three daughters. His wife passed away recently in a car accident. He asks his best friend (Joey, comedian) and his brother in law (Jesse, the cool dude) to help him to raise the three girls. I’ve tried to watch Fuller House (with the same people) but didn’t enjoy it as much.

The 100

I love sci-fi a lot and the 100 is about 100 kids who are sent to the eath to see if it is possible to survive there.  It was not possible to survive on the earth before, because of the radiation. But the fresh air is not their only problem. They are not the only one on earth. There are also grounders.
I am currently in season 4 and it gets a bit boring at the moment because the same things are happening over and over. Grounders want to kill them every time. But the beginning was really good and I am still hoping that the rest of season 4 will get better. Season 5 is coming next week on Netflix.


I also love the world of vampires, werewolves and shadowhunters. After two seasons with Valentine (a bad shadowhunter) I was happy there is a new storyline in season 3. And I really like this storyline, because it keeps interesting. Every episode something happens and it does not get boring. And I can’t wait to see the rest of this season 3.


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