Favorite inspirational Youtubers

Youtube is a great social media platform to listen to music, but also to watch other videos from Youtubers. And I am not talking about the biggest Youtube stars with millions of followers. I mostly watch Youtubers who inspire me and give me the motivation to do the things I love. So these are my favourite inspirational Youtubers.


Cornelia Grimsmo

I think Cornelia was one of the first YouTubers I started to watch and she made me realize that there are more YouTubers like her, who make inspirational videos. Cornelia is from Norway and she talks a lot about the Law of Attraction. She also makes vlogs and travel videos. The video below is the first one I watched. And apparently, I have been following her since 2015.

Emma Mumford

So I recently discovered Emma’s channel. I wanted to listen to Mumford and Sons and suddenly her video came up. Just like the other YouTubers, Emma makes videos about how you can attract certain things, inspirational books and motivation. This is probably my favourite video of her talking about making a manifestation box.

Kailyn Bowman

I think I follow Kailyn almost from the beginning of her channel. I really like her energy. Her videos are not too long (around 5-10 minutes), so perfect when you don’t have a lot of time to watch videos. Kailyn also gives one-on-one sessions.


Alyse from RawAlignment is probably one of my favourite on this list. She has built a whole team around her for RawAlignment. She holds retreats, eats vegan, uploads a couple of videos on her channels and of course, she also talks about the law of Attraction.



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