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Title: Everything, Everything
Actors: Amandla Stenberg, Nick Robinson, Aninka Noni Rose
Writers: Nicola Yoon, J. Mills Goodloe
Director: Stella Meghie
Date: August 2017
Length: 96 minutes

About Everything, Everything

Maddy is sick, very sick. She has to stay inside the house all day long. And so far she’s is pretty okay with it. But then everything changes because she gets new neighbours. One has caught her special attention, it is Olly. Olly notices her too and he wants to meet. But it is not possible. Maddy’s mom is not allowing other people inside. But with the help with Carla, the nurse, she gets the chance to meet him in real life.
Maddy wants to take more risks because she likes Olly so much and she is lying to him that is she is getting better now. And they go to Hawaii, to the beach. But then Maddy’s heart stops. and beats again.



A while ago I wrote a review about the book Everything, Everything. And then I saw that this movie came on tv and I realised that I’ve never seen the movie.
It is different and I do prefer the book. I was kind of missing the chemistry between Maddy and Olly. In this book, you could feel the chemistry between the two. So I was disappointed when the movie was missing that.
And I was missing a lot more in the movie. For example, I was missing the storyline about the home situation of Olly. In the book, his father was very abusive and he is an alcoholic. But there is only one shot of Olly fighting with his dad.

Also in this movie, Maddy knows Rosa, the daughter of her nurse Carla and they are friends. The movie was still good though. But you will miss some of the details when you have read the book.

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