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Eenmaal andermaal verliefd | Jill Mansell

Title: Rumour has it
Author: Jill Mansell
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Pages: 416
Date: May 2010
Genre: Romance
Rating: 3,5/5

About Rumour has it

Tilly’s boyfriend broke up with her and he left without saying anything. He only left a note for her. She spent time with her best friend Erin and she read in the local newspaper that there is a job opening, but the job description is very vague. She tries to call them, but the voicemail is already full. When she has to wait for her train back to London, she tries calling them again with success. She is determined to get this job and she can come over for the job interview. And she gets the job. She starts working for Max, a single dad of a daughter. She meets his friend Jack Lucas.
Jack Lucas has a reputation and not a very good one. Apparently, every woman in town is sleeping with him. But Tilly does not want to be just another girl that he can call for sex. Jack is not relationship material. But what if Jack finally is falling in love again?

Erin is the best friend of Tilly and she has a huge secret and nobody can know. She is dating the almost exhusband of Stella. And when Stella finds out about this, she is outrageous and she does everything to make Erins life miserable. Kaye is the exwife of Will. When Kaye found out that Will is actually gay, she moved to Hollywood to become a successful actress. But her life turns upside down when everyone start hating her because they all think she killed a dog. She moves back to England for a while.


If you are familiar with Jill Mansell’s book, you will know that her books does contain different storylines. They are all somehow related to each other. But sometimes it can be really confusing, because there are so many storylines. But not this one. It was very clear who was friends with who and who was seeing who. So that is definitely a pro. Like always these books are super predictable and you will know how it will end by reading the first few pages.

But damn, Tilly is really playing hard to get. Okay, maybe I get it why she is like that. Tilly is more a romantic type and not a friend with benefits. I like how the relationship builds up in this book. They are just friends in the beginning, but the more time they spend together the more feelings they get. Jack wants to show his love for Tilly. But Tilly is afraid that Jack will leave and break her heart fast. But you will learn the reason why Jack is like this. He started sleeping with a lot of women after his relationship with Rose. But I don’t get they (Jack and Tilly) will marry (sorry for the spoiler) so fast. They weren’t even dating yet. So did they really skipped the fun dating part?

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